Bucket Classifier

By Cleaning out the sand in the slow moving screw tank, a perfect performance is guaranteed by PICS Bucket Classifiers. The low turbulence flow of our Bucket Classifiers helps in cleaning the sand without any problem.

There are three variants of our products which ranges up to 200TPH provides the options of getting the most suitable PICS Bucket Classifier according to the requirement.

We have two variants of washers for sand manufacturing;
Single Bucket Washer- Comes with 14 buckets combined with 2.41 HP/1500 RPM motor power, it is an excellent tool for a small or a medium scale M-Sand Plant.

Double Bucket Washer- It is a heavy-duty machine which possesses 2 screens with the water tank capacity of 7500 Ltrs. This makes the PICS Double Budget Washer a perfect choice for the large sand manufacturing plants.


Our Bucket Classifiers can do a splendid job in large sites as they can endure exhausting workload without any slowing down. The Bucket Classifiers are suitable in mines and building sites as they can cleanse the sand on a large scale at a single go.


  • Produces high-quality M-sand.
  • Removes the impurities completely.
  • Less air pollution.
  • Low maintenance.