We at PICS International also initiated the process of onsite recycling in order to use the debris of the construction site in the most environmental friendly means.

Since the process of transferring the C&D waste, asphalt or the reinforced concrete to the landfills can be quite expensive in both monetary and environmental terms, our crushers can turn the waste into reusable material on the site itself!

C & D Waste Recycler

PICS provides you one of the most efficient and effective methods to recycle the C&D waste for your site. Our recycling equipment can sort your problem of C&D waste management without any hassle as our machines are fully capable of treating bulk debris and give out an outstanding result.

Our Mobile equipment can work in any environment which makes it the best choice for the operators as well as the residents as well. We have a vast range of versatile machines which can ensure that no part of the C&D is left to become a burden to anyone.

Our Machine, PICS Recycler provides mobility, flexibility and easy maintenance throughout the recycling process. Regardless of the material, the Recycler can process them with full efficiency. Other equipment like the compact twin-screening plant can perform remarkably well on congested sites which makes the assignment of C&D waste recycle a cakewalk.

With pleasing low running cost and high yielding outputs, PICS International can provide you with the best C&D waste management and recycling equipment.