Asphalt Drum Mix plant

PICS offer a range of Asphalt Drum Mix plants manufactured under the latest specifications of M.O.R.T.H (formerly known as M.O.S.T). We are international manufacturers and suppliers of road construction machinery. Our plants are programmed, manufactured and fabricated in a way which gives supreme performance with the latest technology and fuel efficiency.

Asphalt Drum Mix plant is a continuous mixer in which heating of aggregates and homogenous mixing of equal amount of Bitumen and Filler is done in the Drum. The manufactured Hot Mix Asphalt gets dispensed continuously into a truck and conveyed to storage.

PICS deliver highly modern drum mix plants with electric controls and storage tank with excellent automation. Our mixer plant is highly acknowledged for excellent design and stability among customers.
PICS Asphalt Drum Mix Plants are available with capacity from 20 – 150 TPH. We offer manufacturing capacity of more-than 150 TPH are as per customer’s requirement.

With our passion to build the best road construction machinery and continuous R&D, PICS has become a prominent Construction Equipment Manufacturer in India. Our Asphalt Drum Mix plant is delivered with low maintenance cradle type drum drive which ensures a long life of machine and trouble free service.

The high pressure dual stage atomized, fully automatic burner unit of PICS Asphalt Drum Mix Plant has gained excellent reputation for ease of operation and high uptime.

The burner is suitable for diesel as fuel and its capacity is from 100 lph to 1100 lph/ 13 MW. The high capacity hot oil jacketed gear type pump which is controlled by an AC variable speed drive completes the mixing section of Thermo Drum unit. The bitumen storage tanks are fully protected to minimize the heat loss. The fully automatic SCADA / PLC control ensures a precise metering of bitumen.

The major components of an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are:

  • Aggregate Feeder for regulating the flow of aggregate
  • Vibratory Screen removes the oversized and unnecessary materials from feeder
  • Conveyor to receive aggregate, and feed to dryer
  • Burner
  • Drying and Mixing Drum where mixing of asphalt and bitumen is arranged
  • Asphalt Tank that is insulated for heat control
  • Mineral Filler to feed mineral to the drum.
  • Control Panel to manage the production quantity and quality
  • Fuel Tank
  • Pollution Control Mechanism


  • Manufactured on a rugged and strong structure- appropriate for rough operating conditions
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost.
  • Highly efficient multi fuel burner for drying and mixing drum.
  • Thermally insulated drying drum.
  • Ease of access for fast maintenance helping customers to achieve maximum productivity.

We constantly enhance our products and provide best after sales support to deliver the best quality to our customers.