Power Wash

PICS Power Wash (Hydrocyclone)

A power packed machine which can give out spotless results instantly. For the maximum efficiency and a clean result, this jet washer can be your best choice.

PICS power wash is the ultimate way of sand cleansing as our modular design and top-notch engineering join hands to give you a marvelous performance consistently.

Our Hydrocyclone comes into three variants with the capacity of the biggest one reaching up to 150-200 TPH. With 20hps-40hps slurry pump power, separation of silts and clays becomes quite easy for this machine.


Since this sand washing machine is a master of classifying and sorting out particles. PICS Hydrocyclone has a vast scope. It can be of immense help in the drilling industry, oil industry mine industry and many more.


  • Adjustable Speed with water input control.
  • One of the Efficient and effective methods for classifying sand.
  • Compact design which saves up a lot of space.
  • No need for support of secondary equipment.