Vertical Shaft Impactor

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers from PICS feature heavy duty pedestal drives with a specially designed bearing arrangement, efficient crushing chamber and variable speed impeller to offer higher capacity and lower power consumption.

PICS Impactors offer large application range in Vertical Shaft Impactor- for shaping as well as manufacturing sand. It is one of the most indispensable machinery in the process of construction as it carries out the vital task of sand making. This is why it is extremely important for a company to choose the most reliable and efficient VSI available in the market as a wrong choice can cost one a lot of hardships and inconvenience in the longer run.

VSI for Shaping Aggregates

With its unique crushing technology for rock-on-rock reduction, PICS VSI is known for its high velocity impact crushing. The process improves the sturdiness and shape of the material to produce more cubical end products with the highest quality on the market & gives our customers an advantage in concrete, asphalt and base mixtures. These VSIs never fails to deliver the best output resulting in outstanding results.

Production capacity: 80 – 150 TPH (based on the model)
Machine Size ranges from VSI 80 – VSI 150


VSI offers unbeatable performance in tertiary applications for shaping the aggregates of the secondary cone crusher used for all the construction activity. The diverse operations become a cakewalk with the help of the durable and efficient VSIs which PICS has to offer. They can adapt in harsh conditions without any hindrance in the frequency of output.

VSI for Manufactured Sand

Vertical Shaft Impactor from PICS with its high speed rotor offers high crushing ratio to produce high quality manufactured sand. The quality of M-sand like optimized shape and moisture of different fractions in the concrete mix can be easily obtained with precise control of continuous grading. These heavy duty track-mounted Vertical Shaft Impactors have been designed with a host of user-friendly features such as several rotor/rock box/anvil options that are suited to all the applications. It can produce Sand Variants like Plaster Sand and Concrete Sand to fulfill your construction needs.

The manufactured sand produced with PICS process has superior quality characteristics with smaller gaps between the aggregate fractions, enables considerable savings in concrete production.

Production of M sand capacity: 15 TPH to 150 TPH (based on the model)
Machine Size ranges from VSI 60 – VSI 600
M Sand Size Range:

  • Concrete Sand +2.5 to -5mm
  • Plaster Sand: – 2.5 mm

VSI for Sand making

Our VSIs are bought to Perfection after conducting various trials with raw materials available in India to test their agility and efficiency, PICS Vertical Shaft Impactor is your go-to-choice whether you want to produce high-quality manufactured sand or produce perfectly shaped aggregates and minerals.


  • Consistent Product grade
  • Easy maintenance owing to Single Point, Centralized greasing system
  • Reduced operational cost per ton
  • Quick and easy replacement of wear parts
  • Dust Proof seal system
  • Adjustable motor mounts