Feeders are material handling equipment which is generally used at construction sites to control the flow or output of any bulk material from the bin or the hopper. They function as a conveyor when there is a need for transferring materials in a short distance at a constant rate. PICS Feeders can enhance the process by providing a rapid pace to any construction or work site. We provide a wide range of superlative feeders which makes this complex task easy.

Types and Their Applications

Vibratory Grizzly Feeders (400 x1000x1500x4500) by Vibrating Grizzle Feeders (400mm x 1000mm to 1500mm x 4500mm) – Our V.G feeders which are powered by an off-balance electric motor which creates the vibrations and completes the task with ease. Our feeders can endure heavy shock loads as the manganese pans provide a strong and sturdy platform.

Reciprocating Feeders (400 x1000x1500x4500) – PICS Reciprocating Feeders can save you from the trouble and hardships at any thermal plant or a coal mine. We give them a simple structure for a reliable and durable performance under any harsh conditions. Our compact design saves a lot of space at any congested site which gives a boost in the productivity.

Wobblers Feeders- Our dual-task machine does the feeding as well as separation single handedly, saving up immense time and energy. We cater a reliable Wobblers Feeders which can the handle and separate sticky materials flawlessly. It is generally used in the process of mining or loading and unloading terminals.

Hydraulic Push Feeders- PICS Push Feeders are one of the most robust and tough feeder units generally used in thermal plants where it is used for supplying solid fuels such as Barks, Logs or shavings. Our Push Feeder is made with a stout structure and a flawless machinery which ensures an impeccable performance consistently.

Apron Feeders

Typically used in the mining industry, this helps in handling and transferring all the material which comes out of the Jaw Crusher directly. PICS Apron Feeders are made up of solid steel pans which are consistently fit together making it the perfect fit for the hefty job.


  • Easy control over the bulky and heavy material.
  • Smooth mobility.
  • Easy to operate and efficient.
  • Time and labor saving equipment.