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50 TPH Sami Skid Structure Crushing and Screening Plant

In the ever-evolving landscape of stone crushing, PICS INTERNATIONAL proudly introduces its game-changing innovation – the 50 TPH Sami Skid Structure Crushing and Screening Plant. This revolutionary solution is meticulously designed to transcend traditional standards, catering to diverse material processing needs. Join us on a comprehensive journey through the cutting-edge features and advantages that position this plant as a true standout in the industry.

Product Specification

Usage Application Stone
Type Of Crushing Machines Skid Crusher Plant
Capacity 20 to 300 TPH
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Motor Type DC Motor
Material Mild Steel
Finishing Type Polished
Range of materials Limestone, granite, concrete, asphalt, and sand
Country Of Origin India
Versatile Crushing Mastery:

A journey of unparalleled versatility as the plant's capacity range expands to an impressive 20 to 300 TPH. This remarkable flexibility positions the plant as the ideal solution for an array of stone crushing applications, catering to varying production requirements with exceptional finesse.

Skid Stability Redefined:

Step into a new era of stability and durability with the ingenious skid structure design. The plant establishes an unshakeable foundation for efficient crushing and screening operations, even in the most challenging environments. Stability now takes centre stage, setting new benchmarks in performance and reliability.


The unwavering reliability that defines PICS INTERNATIONAL. The launch of this plant is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, trustworthy machinery for material processing. The legacy of trust and confidence is now even larger among industry professionals who seek excellence in their operations.

Semi-Automatic Brilliance:

Experience the brilliance of semi-automatic operation seamlessly blended with a powerful DC motor. The plant ensures user-friendly operation, contributing to a streamlined performance that maximizes productivity. The enlarged ease of maintenance further enhances the overall operational efficiency, making it a hassle-free experience.

Premium Craftsmanship:

Immerse yourself in the epitome of construction excellence, featuring top-tier mild steel and polished finishing. Crafted for durability and robustness, this plant exemplifies top-notch craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and optimal performance even in the most demanding operational conditions. The emphasis on quality is now even larger, ensuring a plant built to last.

Conclusion: The 50 TPH Sami Skid Structure Crushing and Screening Plant by PICS INTERNATIONAL transcends its identity as just a plant; it emerges as a revolutionary force in stone crushing operations. With its expanded versatility, enhanced stability, brand reliability, semi-automatic brilliance, and premium craftsmanship, this plant sets a new benchmark in the industry. Witness the plant's capabilities in a grand demonstration on PICS INTERNATIONAL's YouTube channel. For an even larger experience, visit: YouTube Channel. This plant is not just crushing stones; it's crushing boundaries and redefining industry standards.