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Asphalt Hot Mix Plant, Capacity: 20-30 TPH

Hot Mix Plant 20-30 TPH

PICS INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide frontrunner in the field of construction equipment, recognized for its innovative solutions that establish new standards in the industry. A standout product in their line-up is the Hot Mix Plant 20-30 TPH, which includes a free generator set, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Let's explore the unique characteristics, elements, and advantages that make this asphalt drum mix plant a game-changer in the construction field. PICS INTERNATIONAL's Hot Mix Plant 20-30 TPH in action

Product Specification

Application/Use Road Construction
Capacity 20-30 TPH
Automation Grade Automatic
Material Mild Steel
Country Of Origin India

Unveiling the Hot Mix Plant 20-30 TPH:

Manufactured under M.O.R.T.H Specifications:

PICS INTERNATIONAL takes pride in adhering to the latest specifications of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (M.O.R.T.H), ensuring that their Asphalt Drum Mix Plants meet the highest industry standards. This dedication to quality makes them a reliable choice for road construction projects worldwide.

Major Components of the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:

1.Aggregate Feeder: Regulates the flow of aggregate, ensuring a consistent and controlled supply to the mixing process.

2.Vibratory Screen: Removes oversized and unnecessary materials from the feeder, optimizing the quality of the asphalt mix.

3.Conveyor: Receives aggregate and feeds it to the drying drum, facilitating a seamless and efficient process.

4.Burner: Powers the drying and mixing drum, playing a crucial role in the overall asphalt production process.

5.Drying and Mixing Drum: Arranges the perfect blend of asphalt and bitumen, ensuring a homogeneous mix with superior quality.

6.Asphalt Tank: Insulated for precise heat control, safeguarding the integrity of the asphalt mix in varying environmental conditions.

7.Mineral Filler: Feeds minerals to the drum, contributing to the composition of the asphalt mix.

8.Control Panel: Manages production quantity and quality, providing operators with the tools to ensure optimal performance.

9.Fuel Tank: Stores fuel efficiently, supporting the energy requirements of the entire plant.

10.Pollution Control Mechanism: Demonstrates PICS INTERNATIONAL's commitment to environmental responsibility by incorporating measures to minimize pollution.

Advantages of PICS INTERNATIONAL's Hot Mix Plant:

1.Rugged and Strong Structure: Manufactured on a robust structure, the plant is designed to withstand rough operating conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

2.Cost-Efficiency: Lower operating and maintenance costs make PICS INTERNATIONAL's Hot Mix Plant a financially prudent choice for project managers.

3.Efficient Multi-Fuel Burner: The plant features a highly efficient multi-fuel burner for the drying and mixing drum, maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

4.Thermally Insulated Drying Drum: The drying drum is thermally insulated, ensuring optimal temperature control for the asphalt mix, regardless of external conditions.

5.Ease of Access for Maintenance: The design of the plant prioritizes ease of access for fast maintenance, allowing operators to achieve maximum productivity with minimal downtime.

Conclusion: PICS INTERNATIONAL's Hot Mix Plant 20-30 TPH is not just a piece of machinery; it's a comprehensive solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of the modern road construction industry. From industry specifications to a robust structure, efficient components, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, this asphalt drum mix plant is poised to lead the way in delivering superior asphalt solutions globally. Invest in PICS INTERNATIONAL and pave the path to excellence in road construction.