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Hydrocyclone Power Wash D-50 Series

Boost Sand Processing with The Power Wash D-150

In the sand washing plants, PICS INTERNATIONAL has emerged as a leading player with its innovative Hydrocyclone Power Wash series. Designed for maximum efficiency, the Power Wash D-100, Power Wash D-150, and Power Wash D-200 are tailored to deliver high-quality washed sand also its one of plant established of Hydrocyclone Power Wash D-150 at Nepal by PICS INTERNATIONAL video on YouTube Video link is:

Product Specification Specification Power Wash D 100 Power Wash D 150 Power Wash D 200
1 Capacity (TPH) 80-100 100-150 150-200
2 Dewatering Size (MM) 2400 x 1800 2400 x 1800 2700 x 2000
3 Dewatering Power (HP) 5+5 5+5 5+5
4 Slurry Pump Power (HP) 20 40 40
5 Hydro Cyclone Size (mm) 400 500 600
6 Machine Size (MM) 6000 x 5300 x 6500 6000 x 6000 x 7090 6300 x 6300 x 7400
7 Weight Without Motors and Pump (tons) 6.5 7 8
8 Feeding Size -4.75 -4.75 -4.75

Comprehensive Features and Advancements:

Precision Dewatering:

The Power Wash series showcases an unparalleled commitment to precision dewatering, with dewatering sizes tailored to industry standards. The innovative design ensures efficient water removal, leaving the sand thoroughly dewatered for optimal construction use.

High-Power Performance:

Equipped with 5+5 HP dewatering power and 20-40 HP slurry pump power, the Power Wash hydrocyclones exemplify high-power performance. This robust power configuration ensures a continuous and smooth washing process, contributing to the system's overall efficiency.

Intelligent Hydro Cyclone Technology:

The hydro cyclone sizes, ranging from 400 mm to 600 mm, employ intelligent technology to facilitate the precise separation of unwanted particles. This ensures that the final washed sand meets the highest quality standards, crucial for the demanding global construction market.

Compact and Sturdy Design:

The Power Wash series boasts a compact yet robust machine design, emphasizing space efficiency without compromising structural integrity. This design not only simplifies integration into existing setups but also enhances the system's durability and longevity.

Tailored Machine Sizes for Varied Applications:

From 6000 X 5300 X 6500 to 6300 X 6300 X 7400, the Power Wash series offers machine sizes tailored for diverse applications. Whether you're operating in limited space or require a larger footprint, these hydrocyclone systems are designed to meet your specific needs.

Streamlined Maintenance:

PICS INTERNATIONAL has prioritized ease of maintenance in the Power Wash series, ensuring that routine upkeep is streamlined for operators. This dedication to user-friendly maintenance enhances the overall reliability and longevity of the hydrocyclone systems.

Cutting-Edge Feed Size Optimization:

The Power Wash series caters to a -4.75-feed size, optimizing the washing process for enhanced performance. This meticulous attention to detail contributes to the longevity of the hydrocyclone system, ensuring consistent and efficient sand washing.

Conclusion: In a sector where efficiency and quality are paramount, PICS INTERNATIONAL's Hydrocyclone Power Wash series sets a new standard. With its advanced features, precision engineering, and commitment to user-friendly design, this series is poised to revolutionize sand washing plants globally. Invest in the future of sand washing technology and experience the unmatched efficiency of the Power Wash series by PICS INTERNATIONAL.