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Jaw Crusher in Vishakhapatnam

Jaw Crusher in Vishakhapatnam

Jaw Crusher in Vishakhapatnam
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Manufacturer Of Jaw Crusher in Vishakhapatnam

PICS INTERNATIONAL jaw crushers reduce large-sized rocks, ore, or other material by a compression action. A fixed jaw, mounted in a V-shaped alignment, is the stationary breaking surface, while a movable, “swing” jaw exerts a force on the feed material by pushing it against the stationary plate.

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Jaw Crusher in Vishakhapatnam

Fixed Jaw: It is a stationary, immovable part of the crusher that provides support and holds the rock or ore being crushed.

Swing Jaw:It is the movable part of the crusher that moves back and forth against the fixed jaw. The crushing action takes place when the swing jaw compresses the material against the fixed jaw.

Toggle Plate: A toggle plate is a safety device that connects the swing jaw to the eccentric shaft. It helps in transmitting the crushing force and protects the crusher from overload by acting as a mechanical fuse.

Eccentric Shaft: The eccentric shaft is a shaft that runs through the frame of the crusher. It is driven by the motor and rotates, causing the swing jaw to move back and forth.

Flywheel: The flywheel is a heavy wheel that helps in maintaining the momentum of the moving jaw and provides energy for the crushing process. It also acts as a balancing weight for the crusher.