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Our Latest Crushing & Screening Plant In Srinagar

Proudly Announces: 100-150 TPH Crushing & Screening Plant in Srinagar

Our brand new 100-150 TPH Crushing & Screening plant in Srinagar (J&K) has been running continuously and producing exceptional results.

Crushing and screening up to 150 tons of material per hour with remarkable speed and precision. Providing vital building materials for vital infrastructure projects in the region, Implementing eco-friendly technologies to minimize environmental impact.

We are proud to provide top-quality services to our clients and contribute to the development of the region.

We're incredibly proud of our team for successfully bringing this project to life, and we're excited to see the positive impact it will have on the people and infrastructure of Srinagar.

In a significant stride towards advancing construction capabilities, Picson Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd. proudly announces the successful operation of its brand new 100-150 TPH Crushing & Screening plant in the picturesque city of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. This state-of-the-art facility has been seamlessly running, making substantial contributions to the local infrastructure development.

Efficient Crushing and Screening:

This cutting-edge plant is designed to crush and screen up to 150 tons of material per hour, showcasing remarkable speed and precision. The relentless production capacity ensures a steady supply of vital building materials, crucial for ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects in the region.

Eco-Friendly Approach:

At Picson Construction Equipments, we understand the importance of sustainable practices. Our Srinagar plant is a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility. We've incorporated eco-friendly technologies to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure that our operations have a positive impact on the surroundings.

Contributing to Regional Development:

Our venture in Srinagar goes beyond mere operations. We take pride in being a contributor to the region's progress. By providing top-quality services and essential construction materials, we actively participate in shaping the landscape of Srinagar's infrastructure.

Team Triumph:

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our exceptional team. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to every member who played a role in bringing this project to fruition. Their hard work and commitment underscore our ethos of delivering excellence.

Future Prospects:

As we witness the seamless functioning of our Crushing & Screening plant in Srinagar, we are filled with excitement about the positive impact it will have on the people and the region's infrastructure. This project marks a significant step forward in our ongoing mission to redefine construction standards.


In the realm of construction, precision, efficiency, and environmental consciousness are paramount. Our new plant in Srinagar reflects our dedication to these principles. We are not just building structures; we are shaping the future of Srinagar and contributing to the larger narrative of progress.

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