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Thickeners, also known as clarifiers, can be used to recover immediately reusable process water as well as extract particles and other contaminants. Mineral and aggregate companies, as well as environmental contractors working in industries like wastewater management, employ thickeners to separate particles from liquid in a slurry.

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Thickeners' advantages differ from one user to the next, depending on the producer's needs and the sector. Thickeners, for example, can be employed in areas where water is scarce or prohibitively expensive, returning immediately reused process water to the plant. They can also be utilised to make settling ponds and tailings storage facilities smaller. Thickeners, when used in conjunction with other downstream processing equipment like a Filter Press, can potentially eliminate the need for settling ponds entirely. They are used as Clarifiers in various industries to remove minerals and particles from process water.
Producers can recover up to 90% of their water for reuse with PICS INTERNATIONAL Thickeners, resulting in a more sustainable operation. They're perfect for places where water is scarce or costly. PICS INTERNATIONAL Thickeners also cut down on the amount of stuff that ends up in the trash. This enables producers to lower the size of their settling ponds or tailings storage facilities, which can be costly and unsafe to maintain, generate permitting challenges, and cover mineable reserves.


PICS INTERNATIONAL Thickener series clarifiers can be used to remove minerals and fines from process water.

To allow for maximum material settlement, waste water from the washing systems is sent to the thickener's centre.

The use of an electrically powered agitator provides for quick maintenance and a reduction in part inventory.


Sludge settles evenly in the discharge region thanks to gravity-based settling aided by a rake mechanism.

Allows for easy and secure access to the integrated cone portion, reducing maintenance time and increasing equipment availability.


Thickeners can be used to recover immediately reusable process water, as well as extract fines and other materials. Thickeners are used by mineral and aggregate producers, as well as by environmental contractors in industries such as wastewater management, to separate solids from liquid in a slurry.

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PICS INTERNATIONAL has an unmatched commitment to after-sales service. For us, it's not limited to just supplying the parts in time via network of dealers. It's a notch above the competitors which gives us the upper hand.

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